Saturday, August 11, 2012

When hospitals become home

Much of the last two years have been spent in hospitals.  Thankfully, only one time was for me (plus one additional er visit).  I realized last night, while sitting in Suburban Hospital's ER, that I recognize the people who work there.  One was there when my appendix blew up.  One was there when my mother-in-law was taken there.  Another was there when I was interpreting.  It's strange.  I was interpreting there last year on the 6th floor when a nurse stopped talking to the patient, looked at me and said "I recognize you.  You've been here before."  Yes, I said, I have.  Continue talking, please.  She continues on for a while and when we left the room she said "You have twin girls.  You were here quite a bit with a family member."  It had been a year after we spent a very long month getting Ruth treatment there yet she remembered me.  I was both impressed and saddened.  So much of our time was there that she remembered us (thankfully fondly).

So, let's see.  What's the hospital count?  Remember, this is just for the last two years.  There are more if you count the decade.

Ruth: Suburban and Shady Grove (at least a month at each, multiple times)
Mike: Suburban, Shady Grove
Me: Suburban (just once, for a few nights for my appendix) and Shady Grove Germantown ER for the beer bottle that exploded in my hand.
Girls: Holy Cross, ER only, after A broke M's finger during a game of Dog and Fire Hydrant.  No, I didn't ask a lot of questions about that.  The less I know, the better.
My Mom: Suburban (twice, both ER visits, no overnights)
Andrew: NONE!  He's the winner!

I recognize a lot of the staff at Suburban.  I wouldn't recognize anyone at Shady Grove.  I think that was such an emotional time that I didn't really care about anyone there.  I've become a hospital snob.  I'll go to Suburban any time, never to Shady Grove and only to Holy Cross if there are no other options.  I can add connoisseur of hospitals to my resume.  Just what I wanted.....

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