Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Snow, accidents and shaved legs, oh my!

When bad weather happens, people (here) worry about milk, bread and toilet paper.  I think about shaving my legs.  I make sure my legs are shaved when it snows or there is bad weather.  I need to remember to do this on days when I have car accidents.

I was rear-ended a few days ago.  Nothing too serious, mostly just annoying.  I went the next day to get checked and realized I didn't want to go because A) I hate hospitals and B) my legs weren't shaved.  I know the doctors don't give a shit about my legs.  My boyfriend doesn't care when my legs aren't shaved.  No one cares.  Except me.

Last year my appendix decided it wanted to escape my body.  I waited a bit too long to go to the hospital.  Why?  A) I hate hospitals and B) my legs weren't shaved.  But I was able to rest assured that I was going to surgery with shaved legs.  Because the surgeon and anesthesiologist and nurses would care. No, they wouldn't.

At the end of my pregnancy, I had a few problems.  The doctors decided it was time to induce me.  I'd like to go get lunch (and shave my legs first).  Can I have some time?  Sure, they told me.  So I went home, shaved my legs and went to get Chinese food.  First things first, right?  Three hours later they were calling me to ask where I was.  On my way....

I had one accident experience previous to this.  I was 16 and was, again, rear ended.  My first thought? Well, after the whole oh shitness of it all it was Thank God it was gym day.  My legs were shaved.

Yes, this is silly.  I do know that.  I didn't shave my legs before going to hospital last weekend.  It stressed me but I'm pretty sure no one cared, except my boyfriend who had to hear me grumble about it.

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