Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good people

I write a lot about things that bother me, weigh on my mind, concern me, etc. Today I want to write about something good: Good people.

There are a lot of good people out there. I started recognizing long ago. When my mom's disability started to become more apparent, nice people would help her on the train when she came to visit and made sure she could handle her luggage when she got off. Nice people would help me when one of my kids needed to be held at the exact moment I started to drop something. Nice people say "have a good day!" and mean it.

I wrote earlier that I don't have a best friend in the traditional definition. But I have lots of amazing friends. I have friends who let me cry because I'm sad and then make me laugh until I cry again. I have friends that trust me with their inner secrets. I have friends who understand my 13 year old boy sense of humor and don't judge me. I have good people around me.

I'm thinking of this today because I was standing outside my job on a slippery, ice covered sidewalk when an older gentleman was walking by me and slipped and fell. People came to his aid and made sure he was okay. I was reminded that people are generally good. Or at least I want to think they are. My days are happier when I assume people are good. Snarky is still a good thing once in a while but it's tough to maintain on a regular basis.

Here's to running into more good people today. That might require I leave my home.....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things I am not good at

This could be a long list but I'll just list the things that became apparent today.

1. Light bulbs. This includes changing them (other than in lamps). I drop them. I put them in crooked. I do not do this well.

2. Assembling furniture. I do much better buying already assembled furniture. Sorry ikea.

3. I don't blog regularly, return emails promptly or answer phone calls when I should. My bad.

4. I do not like to deal with dead animals. This includes bunnies that die mysteriously in my driveway and mice that might get caught in traps.

5. I do not make decisions quickly. Eventually I do get around to making decisions but it takes a while. Like a year.

6. I only manage to get laundry done when I run out of underwear.

7. I don't handle my emotions well. I don't like having emotions.

8. I clearly don't know jack about nutrition.

9. I don't sleep well. Lately it's turned into I don't sleep. But out of fear of being called a vampire, I'll just say I don't do it well.

10. I am not organized. But I want to be!

Dead Bunny