Friday, January 18, 2013

A Life Well far

Huh.  Alissa over at Clever Compass and the other bloggers came up with another stumper for me:  what have I do with my life that makes me feel proud.  Funny, one of my girls asked me about that the other day.  Finding an answer to that question is kinda hard.

So let me see what I can come up with.

Hmmmm.....what am I proud of?  Oh!  I have a few!

I started my first business, Discovery Records, at the age of 19 with a $250 investment from my brother.

I scared myself silly by flying to Poland to meet a guy I dated for about a month 6 years earlier when I did a short student exchange program in Germany.  We met in Poland (yes, we recognized each other) and went to the Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz and Austria (and a bunch of other places) so I could see where my family lived and possibly died.

I've interpreted for Paul McCartney (a few times!), at one of President Clinton's Inaugural Balls, for Mrs. Clinton, for the births of 8 babies, THE CURE!!, and a whole bunch of other really cool people.

I am a trained hospice volunteer and used to teach interpreters how to work in that setting.

I went to the Million Mom March with my mom.

I presented at an RID (interpreting) convention.

I walked 26.2 miles and raised a boatload of money for the Avon Walk for Cancer.

I've been to Paris.  Twice.  And I had banana nutella crepes both times.  Yum.

I saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle.

I've been in the Eye of London.

I've been to two concentration camps.  That was life changing.

I started two more businesses - Signing Family and Capital Sign Language.

I've been to two inaugural balls.

I got married, which was nothing short of a shocker to everyone who knew me.

I survived the end of that marriage, also a shocker.

I went on a series of The. Worst. Dates. Ever. following the end of the marriage.  And I wrote down all the details.

I started a blog,  I actually have a few readers.

I make the best banana bread ever.  Seriously.  Not sharing the recipe was a condition of my divorce.  Really.

I gave birth to two beautiful girls!  A minute apart.  And I've had a big part in raising them to be awesome.

It took me all week to come up with those.  There will likely be a part 2 to this later.


  1. Hmmm at interpreted for Paul. Perhaps that's why your girls were singing (quite well!) Live and Let Die at the park yesterday :)

  2. Wow! I came across your blog through the link-up and I'm glad I did.
    I always wanted to work as an interpreter in the European Parliament in Brussels. Never happened, but I'm not doing too shabby now either ;)

    1. What language would you interpret? I think it would be fun to be a spoken language interpreter. I just suck at those languages :).

  3. Found you through the link-up and love your diverse list! I learned some basic sign language as a child b/c one of my neighborhood friends had profound hearing loss. It sounds like signing has taken you on some interesting adventures!

  4. I'm glad to see you Kimberly and Robbie. I hope you'll stick around for more posts!