Saturday, August 4, 2012

My quiet stupid protest

My mother told me not long ago that I am raising rabble-rousers.  I don't fully disagree but I might have  labeled my style of parenting differently.  But, the fact is, I am raising kids with the motto "Silence Equals Agreement".  I am rarely silent and am teaching them to (politely) speak their mind when they see an injustice.

Today's event was not really an injustice.  It was an annoyance.  It was stupid.  But we silently stated our protest anyway.  Just to make a point.

We were at the fountain in Silver Spring.  We walked around the farmer's market, strolled past the crafts/small business market and made our way to the fountain to cool off.  Yes, we were dressed in our regular clothes.  If we get wet, that's our problem, right?  Apparently not.  The security guards came over to tell us we couldn't be in the fountain.  The reason?  We were not in bathing suits.  There was a lot of chlorine in the water and it would make our clothes smell.  That was the reason.  That was the same reason they gave some mom of a two year old in what the guard called "basketball shorts".  It looked like a bathing suit to me. What do these guards care what we're wearing as long as our girly bits are covered?  It's their job, they told me.  Uh-huh.

We sat over to the side for a bit, watching the folks in the water.  Yes, there was a strong scent of chlorine.  I still don't know why I'm supposed to care.  There were other kids in the fountain in clothes.  No one addressed them.  There was a mom getting her feet wet (in street clothes).  No one cared.  Hmpf.

So what was our protest?  The girls and our accomplice, Amanda, took their shoes off and walked slowly through the fountain.  There you go, Mr. Security Guards.  Take that!  The girls got wet anyway!  A turned back to look at the guards.  They were smiling.  They appreciated our protest.  So there, Silver Spring!  Your rules are dumb.

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