Friday, October 31, 2014

I kept walking.....Oct.31

I didn't hit all my goals this week.  I'm not happy about that but it is what it is.  I did go walking every day and did see lots of things.  I wasn't on metro this week so there were no people to meet, no stories to hear.  I did work in some places I haven't worked at in recent years so that was fun.  But it wasn't particularly eventful.

So, what did I see?

I asked my daughter, A, to clean the sand out of the utility sink in the basement.  One day when I needed a few more steps to hit my goal, I walked all around my house, including in the basement.  I went down to find she left her mark in the sand.  I guess that's her way of "cleaning" it.

Last weekend, my girls and I went to Eastern Market, one of our favorite places.  We found a great vendor who had hats and all sorts of things that called to us.  The only weird thing about this vendor stand was the super creepy mannequins.  This one wasn't the only one.  There were more.  More just as heebie-jeebie inducing as this.  Like this one:

I have to include some pretty flowers.  They're a must because soon there won't be any more.  Yes, it's the #seasonofdeath.

I know I saw other things.  Lucky (or not, depending on your perspective), I didn't have my camera for most of those things.  I'll do better next week.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I went walking.....Oct. 24

There's a book I used to love to teach children's sign language classes.  It's called "I Went Walking".  It's basically:

I went walking
What did I see?
I saw a green duck
Looking at me

I like it because you substitute anything for a green duck.  As I'm walking all over the place to get my good vibration (see earlier post), I pass things that make me smile and meet unusual folks.  While on metro this week, a woman sat next to me and wished me a "wonderful day."  Normally people don't talk to me.  So that made me happy.  Yesterday a man confided that he had found someone's credit card and ID.  He wanted me to send a prayer so he'd do the right thing "because the devil is on my shoulder."  I wonder if he ended up doing the right thing.

I think I'll start a weekly post series for a while.  Maybe it'll encourage me to walk.  Maybe....

The owl isn't real but it took me by surprise when I looked out the window of my job and saw that.

I put my nose in all the flowers as I pass them.  One of the things I enjoy about walking in DC is going to the various gardens at the Smithsonian.  I wonder if people see me smelling everything.  Sometimes I'm rewarded pleasantly - like this flower.  Sometimes I regret putting my nose in a flower.  I think if a flower looks pretty, it should smell pretty good, too.  But that's just me.

It's not Philly but it's love and a city.  I'm not complaining.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Good Vibration

I found something that has, at least temporarily, changed my life.  It's purple and plastic and ugly.  But it motivates me.

I had been thinking of getting a Fitbit for a while but just never got around to it.  I'd see my friends post their stats on facebook and thought no, I can't do that.  I don't want the world to see my progress (or lack thereof).  Then the ex got one and started bugging me about it.  Come on!  Get one! I was still seeing the facebook posts and was kind of intrigued.  So I did it.

Picking a color from ugly choices wasn't easy but I picked the one that made the most sense for me (purple).  Boyfriend got one (not a bracelet), too.  I have plenty of motivation around me now.

So, how has this changed me?  I walk my 10,000 steps more often than not.  I park down the hill and around the block instead of in the closer parking garage.  I walk around the buildings between jobs.  When I drop the girls at school (if there's time) I walk around the track.  There's really nothing more humbling than being passed (multiple times) by people older than me.  I think about how I'm going to get my steps in.  I pay attention to what I'm doing.  I plan exercise in my day - I've never really done that before.

The result?  My body is (again) changing from all the walking.  My attitude is changing.  I feel like one thing that is just for me on a (nearly) daily basis.  When I hit my 10,000 steps my bracelet vibrates on my wrist, letting me know I hit my goal.

And really, who doesn't like a good vibration?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thirty years is a long time

I went to Lansdale this weekend for my (drum roll) thirty year high school reunion.  Yes, I am actually that old.  Horrifying, isn't it?  I don't feel old enough to have been out of high school for thirty years.  I can't believe I've been away from Lansdale for over 20 years.  It doesn't seem that long ago I moved here.

It was weird being home.  It's been a couple of years since I've been there. Normally going to a reunion stresses me out - seriously stresses me.  Not this year.  Part of that probably has to do with facebook.  I figured everyone knows what I look like because I post a gazillion pictures.  Everyone knows I'm no longer married.  And everyone knows I have kooky kids.

It was nice to see my best friends from back then.  Some have known me since I was five, others I met in junior high or high school.  Any way you look at it, it's a long time.  I was thrilled that people came and told me that seeing me was one of the reasons they showed up at the reunion.  My heart was happy.  When I lived there, I felt like an alien.  I was proud NOT to be from PA (born in MA).  I always knew I'd leave. Being there and listening to some of the conversations reminded me of that alien feeling and that leaving was the right thing to do.  Still, it was nice to see happy people and hear people with accents that are more pronounced than mine!

Walking around Lansdale on Sunday morning made me realize that I don't belong there.  Stores were closed (except the pretzel factory!).  Everything was quiet.  I passed probably 5 people the whole time.  I need to live in a place with people and outdoor markets and restaurants with outdoor seating - life.  I need diversity and lots of languages around me.  Maybe, after 21 years of living here, this is finally home.

Yeah, that must be it.

But my heart will always be happy when I walk into a bar and hear a certain someone (and only that one certain someone) yell BITCH just like we were in 9th grade again.  And I do love being around people who say water correctly.  And Wawa.....sigh.......