Friday, July 31, 2015

What's Old Is New Again

I started taking pictures (with film) when I was in the 5th grade.  I have tons - TONS - of photos and negatives all around the house.  The smell of developer still makes me happy in ways nothing else can.

I was a slow convert to digital.  It was somewhere around 2002.  And even then, I didn't want to fully five up my love of film  But slowly the draw of being able to take as many digital pictures as I like, the ability to easily manipulate them or delete with ease drew me in.  I was a full digital girl sortly after that.

My kids have grow up with digital pictures.  They've known nothing else.  Until now.

My ex gave M a trip to Six Flags for her birthday.  She wanted to take a camera, but not one she'd be devastated at losing.  So we looked around CVS and discovered they still have disposable film cameras.  Who knew  She picked a water resistant one so she could use it in the water park.  That thing was monster sized.  But it was cool and it was what she wanted.

Finding a place to get film developed wasn't so easy.  CVS didn't do that.  We didn't know where else to go.  Rite Aid was on our way home one day so we looked there.  Success!  The only deal was we'd have to wait for 2 weeks for it to be developed and delivered back to the store. Two long weeks!

Finally, the time came.  We went in and gave our slip to the cashier.  She didn't know what to do with it.  But the manager did.  They handed M an envelope and she just looked at me.  What is it?  Open it, I said.  First she pulled out the negatives.  What are these?  Clearly I have failed in this area of her upbringing.  I explained what negatives were.  Then she looked at all the pictures.  This is so much more fun than the instant gratification we get by looking at the little screen on the back of the camera.

Then she showed it to A.  Why is there a film strip in here?  Not a film strip, negatives.  Then the excitement of seeing the pictures infected her, too.  This was just too much fun.

Ah, to go back in time and remember what it's like to get my film developed.......

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Garden Has a Sense of Humor

Every day, at least once a day, I go out and look at the garden.  I talk to the plants.  Grow!  Why are you taking so long?  Grow!  They don't listen to me.  They do what they want, which is to be expected.

I have something like a dozen tomato plants.  I don't particularly like tomatoes so there's some irony that that's the thing that grows best.  And the one by the compost heap is doing better than any of the others.  It's weird.  But really, I'm not complaining.  We'll make salsa and Andrew thinks making ketchup might be fun.  I'm not sure about that.

My cucumbers are taking over my garden - just the leaves.  There's an itty bitty thing (that makes me laugh) to prove it's a cucumber.

My peppers are happy.  I have green peppers, super cayenne (already shared a few), poblano and probably something else.  I have no idea when they're ready for picking.  

Andrew makes me feel a tinge of guilt every time I snip the flowers off my basil to encourage it to grow.  Now I apologize for the flower version of blue balls I induce.

And the pumpkins rescued from the compost are still small but definitely growing.  The other (possibly bean) mystery plants didn't fare so well.

 I'm looking for ideas.  I don't love pesto so what else can I do with all that basil?  What can I do with the peppers?  I'm open to all ideas....