Sunday, July 7, 2013

When Sleep Makes Me Laugh

Andrew and I went out to lunch with some of my favorite people yesterday, SB and AC.  We always talk about things that make me laugh.  I was pleasantly surprised when SB told me a story that has happened to me: when you wake up pissed off at your bed partner because they did something bad in a dream.  There were several times over the years I would wake so pissed at my ex that I couldn't look at him.  He had done something terrible in my dream and I would harbor that anger all day.  It wasn't really his fault and after the first few times he took it in stride, but it still makes me laugh.

So that got me to thinking about the other things that happen in my sleep that make me laugh.  My sleep woes are no secret.  I stopped sleeping through the night when my girls were born.  I got used to (as much as one can) waking up for those middle of the night feedings and never got back to a normal sleep schedule.  It makes me insane.  And makes me feel tired all the freaking time.

But there are times when I do sleep.  And there are times when that sleep makes me laugh.  My ex thought I was cheating on him once when I talked about Donald Hollinger in my sleep.  The morning conversation started with a very unhappy man:

"Who is Donald Hollinger!"

"That Girl's boyfriend.  Why?"

"What does that mean?"

"You know, that tv show from forever ago - with Marlo Thomas.  THAT GIRL.  He was her boyfriend.  Why?"

"Because you were saying his name in your sleep."

"Oh.  Well, I thought he was cute when I was growing up."

Now, why would I be calling out Donald Hollinger's name in my sleep?  I have no idea.  It still makes me laugh.

It also makes me laugh when I think about the person who shall remain nameless who farted so loudly the house woke up.  Seriously.

Falling out of the bed, which happens rarely, not only wakes me but cracks me up.

My kids often sleep together.  Yes, they do have their own beds.  They just can't giggle as much when they're separated.  It always makes me laugh when I hear one talk to the other in the middle of the night.  "Give me my blanket!  You stole it!" Or my favorite (because I feel this way when one of them sleeps with me: "Get off of me!

I miss the time when I could sleep.  But I love the times when I do and I wake up laughing.  Even if it is in the middle of the night.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


I'm a fireworks junkie.  Some would use other words but let's go with junkie.  I love fireworks.  Meaning, I LOVE fireworks.  I will travel (within reason) to see them.  I've always loved them, despite growing up being told to fear them.  My mom was young - maybe around 10 or so - when she went to see them.  A burning ember fell from the sky and burned her jacket.  I grew up being aware of their danger but still loving them.  There's something special about this thing that shoots up into the sky and explodes in a burst of color, sound and glitter.

I have my favorites but really, there is no such thing as an unattractive firework.  They're special.  I love them over water in Sodus Point, NY.  At the Mall in DC.  Over the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philly. Over any and every ocean.  I'm really not picky.

Well, I am.  I don't really care for the fireworks set off in people's yards.  The expectation of missing limbs kind of kills the fun.  My former uncle-in-law used to do that.  He would set off brilliant fireworks over Lake Ontario.  I would pray he didn't lose any fingers.  He thought I was paranoid.  I thought he was crazy.

My kids go to Sodus Point every year with the dad for July 4.  They love it but they miss being with me.  M says I'm the most fun person to watch fireworks with - I love them that much.

Let's see......where have I seen fireworks?

  1. On the mall for the Smithsonian's birthday - fireworks over the castle building was fun.
  2. On the mall for July 4.  Just once.  I can't handle those crowds.
  3. On the mall for New Year's 2000.  That was cold but fun.
  4. In Baltimore for New Year's.  I forget the year.
  5. In Ocean City, NJ - more times than I can count.
  6. In Philly for July 4.  With the Beach Boys.
  7. In Lansdale, though I don't remember when.
  8. In Annapolis.  On a boat!!
  9. In Wheaton - I interpreted for the fireworks.  Fabulous job for many years.
  10. In Wheaton on a parking garage roof.  I could see fireworks all around for miles.
  11. In College Park - having my boyfriend realize just how much I love fireworks.
  12. In Lanham (last night) with my boyfriend who gets how much I love them.

UPDATE for 7/4/16

I've seen even MORE fireworks.

13. Laurel - these weren't the best but they were fireworks!
14. DC for Emancipation Day - these are good because they're set off in the street and you can see the reflections in the office buildings.
15.  Geneva Switzerland - the best by far.  I had no idea just how perfect fireworks could be before witnessing this show.  Amazing doesn't begin to describe it.
16.  Along 95 while driving home from NYC last night.  Not a ton, but still fun.