Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good News Friday! 4/25/14

I'm such a slacker.  I've been forgetting to post my Good News Friday posts.  Sigh....but I'm back!

Let's feels like it's been a busy week.  I know there are some good points in there somewhere.

1.  I was able to work with some of my favorite people this week.  It doesn't happen often but when it does, it makes me happy.  Two of my favorite interpreters and Favorite Client #1.  Good work week!

2.  "I have a good life!"  M announced to me this week.  When asked to elaborate, she said "I have good friends, I read good books, I like good tv shows and I have a good family."  That's a good way to feel and made me feel oh so good as a parent.  I needed that.

3.  I celebrated Russian easter.  This made me surprisingly happy.  I don't have many holiday traditions and never had much of one regarding easter.  This year, I missed having a family.  I saw everyone's pictures of family celebrations on facebook and wanted one myself, which I know will never happen.  Andrew's parents invited us over and taught us their traditions.  True, I'm not Russian but we now have one in our family and I'll silly excited at the idea of having to cook certain things to continue the traditions he's known all his life.

4.  Someone told me that peeing on my plants probably wouldn't really keep the squirrels away but cayenne pepper might.  That is so much easier!  And less, well, weird.  Fingers crossed that it works.

5.  I realized I'm still happy.  This is good.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Color of Music

I don't like this music (Marillion).
It's metallic colored.
It sounds like silver or gold.

I have to think about that a bit.

What color is Mika (a favorite of theirs).
He's rainbow!

What color are the Beatles?
Elton John is also yellow.

What color is Ozzy Osbourne?

What music is red?
Punk Rock Girl (dead milkmen) is red and black.
I don't know much red.
Also Taylor Swift, but not because the album is titled red.  Country music is red.  Different shades of red.

What music is green?
Green Day!

What music is white?
Wedding music.
I never thought of white music.
Oh!  Celine Dion!

What is One Direction?
Pink for happy music, gray for sad ones.

What color is Jason Derulo?
Dark orange! (said with a scowl!)

What color is Sleeper Agent?
Purple or electric blue!

What color are the Indigo Girls?

What about the music from Frozen?
Blue, white and silver.

Justin Timberlake?
Rainy gray.

Brown or maroon.

Maroon 5?

Imagine Dragons?
Demons is gray.  On top of the world is orange.

I think they're making this up.  But, oddly, I kind of get it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Pretty Tradition

There aren't too many traditions I partake in, often to my dismay.  There are a few I really enjoy and make an effort to do.  Cherry blossom season is one of them.  I wish the blooms lasted longer and I wish the entire world didn't want to see them at the same time I do.  That aside, I take lots of pictures of them.  Every.  Year.

I thought about waking up early enough to see the sun rise over the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin.  Then reality hit: I'm not really a morning person.  No alarm set.  No real plans to do this.  Then for some odd reason I woke early - as in around 6 am.  I almost turned over to go back to sleep (which I really needed) but then I thought I woke early for a reason.  I sleepily found a sweatshirt and made some coffee and made it out of the house in about a half hour.  The sun was already started to rise.  Grrrh.

Plan B enacted.

Instead of seeing the blossoms over the tidal basin (which I haven't done in years because I am not fond of crowds), I went to Bethesda.  I figured I could make it there quicker.  Good call.

I love the tree lined streets full of cherry blossoms wherever I look.  It's normally a really crowded place but before 7 am, it's quiet and beautiful.

People are friendly at that hour.  The runners, bike riders and dog walkers were out and that was about it.  The sun kept rising, changing the way the light hit the blossoms.  It was a fabulous way to spend a bit of time.

It made me wish I wasn't an art school drop out.  I don't usually think about it but today I wished I had paid attention more and remembered what to do with my camera.  I miss the days of shooting in film but days like today make me grateful for digital.  I would have blown through a lot of film rolls instead of just two cards.

I might wake up early enough to go to the Tidal Basin tomorrow.  Might being the key word.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Grills and teeth

Today was the day to get things done.  I almost bailed and went off to play but I didn't.  Yay for me.

I continued down the Road To Being A Grown-up by getting a grill.  I am so silly happy about this.  I was going to do it last year but I decided to re-do my girls' room instead.  So we lived without a grill.  And they live with me bitching when I see their messy room and think I gave up a grill for that.  Now I will stop bitching.  Okay, no, I won't.  But I'll stop being cranky about it.

I liked the old grill - which I got from someone on craigslist.  Little did I know I bought the wrong grill cover and rust devoured some important parts of it.  It was a good grill while it lasted.

But now I have a shiny new grill!  And I don't have to choose between gas or charcoal.  IT DOES BOTH!  It's a hybrid!  I can't wait to try it!

Before we got to getting the grill out of the car and putting all the parts together, we tackled a few other projects.  Andrew set forth to put the door back on the bathroom vanity (don't ask).  Not an easy feat but I'm grateful it's done.  I discovered I have a saw on a stick.  So I decided to cut some of the overgrown branches (mostly from my neighbor's yard) with it.  That was fun - until it wasn't any more.  I cut off enough branches that I ended up with a massive clusterfuck of branches that I couldn't get down from the tree.  I tried several times to pull the branches but other branches would whack me in the head.  I kept laughing, visualizing the apple throwing trees in the Wizard of Oz.  My arms hurt and I've discovered muscles in my shoulders I was unaware of previously.  Ouch, yeah, but I'm happy to have more sun in my yard.

After that, Andrew and I set up the grill.  And then I found something.  EW.

Let's back up a bit.  There are a lot of teeth in my house.  Some are mine.  Some are from M and others are from A.  Then there are the few thousand shark teeth that I find every time I clean.  So teeth are nothing new to me.  My boyfriend doesn't react poorly to much - except teeth.  I know it's wrong but it makes me laugh.  So when I discovered the thing sitting on the deck box, I laughed when it looked like it was a tooth.  Then I got creeped out realizing that's exactly what it was.  It was a skull.

I looked it up so I know what it is.  That fact alone creeps me out.  But the fact that it has teeth is super cool.  It has molars!  Andrew was much calmer about it than I was.  But I laughed a lot more.  After all, it figures, doesn't it?  A skull in the back yard makes sense in my world.  God, that's a sad fact.

One of the funniest parts to it (at least in my opinion) was the text I sent to my kids.  I just sent the picture.  They were with their dad.  I got a few texts saying "WTF?? What is that?  What did you find NOW??"  That just made me laugh more.  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Good News Friday - 4/4/14

The weeks go fast when I'm posting on a weekly basis.  It feels like it was just a few days ago that I posted of my love for my new washer (still feeling all lovey-dovey about that).  It's been a super crazy week.  There have been good parts.  Let me see if my exhausted brain can remember them.

1.  I had interpreting opportunities I don't often get.  I was able to work with deaf folks and interpreters from other countries.  My boundaries and skills were challenged.  It's rare that I am terrified before a job. That happened and I not only lived through it, I did a good job.  That was a very good thing indeed!

2.  I'm getting a grill tonight.  First it was the washer, now the grill.  You'd think I was domestic or something.  And the best part??  I don't have to choose between gas or charcoal.  It uses both.  Problem solved!

3.  I made time to catch up with an important friend.  I haven't seen her for quite a while - her life is busy as is mine.  But we made it work - so nice to make the time to catch up.


5.  I got to drive with the sunroof open.  It's the little things that make me happy.  It's still chillier than I prefer most of the day but it's nice to breathe fresh air and know that summer is nearby.

That's enough to get me through the week.  Now I need a nap.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Won't Get Fooled Again!

I grew up with a mom who was really creative.  She would always manage to get me on April Fool's Day.  She never did anything mean.  Usually she would tell me something that I would fall for and let me go all day until I figured out that whatever it was wasn't true.  I can still see her smile when I would figure it out.

Fast forward many, many years.  My mother is older now and it's hard for her to talk on the phone.  Yet her power is still felt.  I knew all day I wasn't going to call her.  There was no way I was going to let her get me again.  In all likelihood, it wouldn't have happened.  Either she would have forgotten or she couldn't come up with a suitable plan. But it doesn't matter. I was still afraid to call her.  She won. She scared me by doing nothing.  Nothing!  Her legacy lives on.

My girls were on guard all day.  The truth is, I'm not as good at this as my mom was.  I'm not so creative.  The only thing I could do was pretend to find a cricket, which freaked out M.  I didn't want to be mean.  I wanted to be sneaky.  I laid down the ground rules:  no saran wrap on the toilet; don't do anything that requires someone to ingest something gross; don't touch the toothpaste/brushes.

They reminded me of past AFDs. One year I put plastic rats in their beds.  That was fun.  It was more fun for them later when they put them in my bed.  And it was more fun for my boyfriend who, many years later (just a few months ago), stood by while I screamed when I found one under my bed.

A few years ago, I enlisted the help of a friend of theirs and removed all the clothes from their bedroom.  We had fun listening to them try to figure out where all their clothes went.

The girls are in bed and I lived without anything bad happening.  I'll call my mom when it's safe again - on April 2.

Another April Fool's Day survived.  Whew.