Friday, October 5, 2012


So often in my life, I want proof of things.  I'm not good at going on faith, though I have been known to try that once in a while as well.  Proof is preferred.

I try different parenting strategies with my girls from time to time.  When I need to make a change in my life (generally some sort of kick of my own ass), I usually share this thought with my girls and there are discussions and attempts at fulfilling whatever goal I have set forth.  Some are more successful than others.  Tonight I got proof that my determination to think in a more positive manner is working.

The girls had been separated all week thanks to different schedules for outdoor education classes.  This worked well for us - they missed each other.  After a bit of time together, A starts complaining about someone.  She didn't like something this other child did and felt the needs to share that in a pretty bitchy way.

This is where my proof appeared.

M said "I don't hear anything positive in what you just said.  Can you restate that in a positive way?"

A just stared at her.

Then she said "I prefer hanging out with (another child).  She makes me laugh.  I'm happier around her."


Pah!  There's my proof.  It made my otherwise grumble bunny day perfect.

I love my daughters.

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