Monday, October 29, 2012

A week in the life: Saturday

This was the most interesting day of all!  Zombie day!

We woke a little late, which is unusual.  Chocolate chip pancakes are a good start to the day.

A quick run to the bank and a few errands keep us busy until it's time to start zombifing.

Mike (ex husband) came over full made up and with the girls bloodied clothes.  That was weird.  Then, using liquid latex, he gave them wounds.  I added make up and in a pretty short time, they were full on creepy. Mike helped me with my scars.  It felt weird.  It was wet when it went on but as it dried it felt like egg on my skin.  Odd feeling.  Then he made the scarring.  Even weirder.  Painting on the blood was cool.  Adding the make up was fun.  I like that part.

My boyfriend and another friend joined us.  Amanda did her own make up (she passed on the latex goo stuff).  Andrew let me give him a few scars.  Mike painted him in blood.  It's like a modern day Brady Bunch, only Adams family style.  Very odd indeed.

The girls and their dad, the mastermind behind this weirdness.

The six of us went to an early dinner at Piratz.  We were the best dressed bunch in there, but it was early.  After dinner (Mike, Andrew and I did brain shots - shots of something not too bad with gummy brains at the bottom.  The funny part of that was A) my ex, current and I doing shots together and B) Mike told Amanda it was the first time (in over 15 years of knowing each other) that he'd ever seen me do a shot.  That's true but still made me laugh.) we walked over to Ellsworth Ave - the heart of Silver Spring.  That's when the true creepy factor of it all started.  

Mike showed A the clip of the movie "Come play with us.  Forever and ever...."

The girls did it really well.  Super creepy really well.  They kinda freaked me out.  Well, no kinda about it.  They freaked me out.  I was proud.

We spent a few hours getting out pictures taken, getting stopped as we walked by.  The girls did their "Come play with me...." thing at a mom.  She was completely weirded out and then looked at me and said "You didn't let them watch that movie!!  Did you??"  Oh hell no!  I won't watch it!  Really?  People think I would do that?  Well, given how they were dressed, I guess that was a legitimate question.

We had fun freaking folks - especially the ones in restaurants.  As we walked down the street, the girls would stop in front of the restaurant windows and just stare.  A few patrons clapped.  They were certainly a hit.

A fun day indeed!

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