Monday, October 29, 2012

A week in the life: Friday

Thank God it's Friday.  Yeah, not original but true.

You know the breakfast routine now.  The girls got to school on time.  I got to work early so I could eat breakfast there.  I like their breakfast better than my own.  It would've helped for me to look at my schedule first.  I was on the wrong side of the complex and had a technical meeting at 9 am.  Who schedules things like this on a Friday morning?  Clearly not someone who asked my opinion.

I was not on my A game for this job.  Lucky for me my client wasn't on his A game for staying away.  It all works out nicely.

It was a packed day.  Here's the summary:

Leave work.
Stop home to change.
Take care to the shop for the endless list of things that need to get done.
Pray the bill is under $400.  It was (barely).
Lunch at Max's - best schwarma and falafel in town.  The 20 mins in line proved I am not alone in this thinking.
Waiting for parts for my car - enough time to run to the grocery and get things for the impending doom that's about to hit here.  Bread, coffee creamer, chocolate.  Done.  Ran into Amanda there and bitched for 5 mins (each of us).  Ah....friends are awesome.
Picked up the girls from the bus stop and went back to the shop.  Waited.  And paid.
Off to the thrift store to find something for my zombie outfit.  Chef's jacket. Done. 
Over to University of Maryland for Physics is Phun.  Dragging but making an effort.  That was cool.  Pause in the summary.

So Physics is Phun is an awesome program put on by UM for 31 years now. That's pretty impressive.  They have all sorts of fun things to do.  They girls love it.  I'm humbled by the fact they usually know more about what's going on than I do.  At some point, the guy giving the presentation asks for a volunteer.  M nearly dislocates her shoulder shooting her arm so high up in the air.  She gets chosen.

I took video of this and have been struggling for a few days to try to get this uploaded.  Because all technology hates me, this isn't going to happen.  Trust me.  It was cool.

The guy does something with a cool machine that makes M's hair stand up.  A memorable day indeed.

And a tiring day!

Back to the list:

Dinner at Chipotle with bf.  Lots of laughs.

A serious need to sleep.....

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