Friday, October 26, 2012

A week in the life: Thursday

Thursday was a yo-yo day.  Certainly some ups.  And some downs.  And a little bit of everything in between.

Again, it was an uneventful morning.  No phone waking me at 2:05 am but an alarm ringing in my early shortly after 6.  I decided to set it a little early so I could cook something for the girls' lunches.  Turkey pesto paninis.  Coffee and paninis done by 6:30am.  Not bad.

I drove the girls to school.  I hate the school bus.  They hate the school bus.  I would never let my kids ride in a car without seat belts but here I put them on this bus that doesn't have enough seats for the all the kids so they're not only without seat belts but also without seats.  So when possible, I drive them.

Lucky for me, my work didn't start until 10.  That means I get a real breakfast!  Pumpkin pancakes.  Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes are this family's weakness.  I like getting them all to myself once in a while.

Work was uneventful, which was welcome.  I've spent a lot of time in physical therapy following my barely-an-accident rear ending event in August.  I still can't believe that something I could drive away from could hurt like this.  I thought I was on the mend.  Apparently I'm wrong.  Today was a painful day.  Hopefully it will be the last of those.

There's always the challenge of figuring out how the girls are getting home from their after school activities.  Today was rough.  This is the hardest part for me as a single parent.  There is no one to share rides with (not that there was when I was married).  I rushed to pick up the girls so I could meet the plumber who was finally coming to fix my bathtub drain.  I was giddy happy at the thought of having a properly draining tub. It's been a while, which is gross at best.  This has been an ongoing problem in this house for years.  The super nice plumber fixed it and we're making plans to replace the pipes so the problem really gets fixed.  SO FREAKING HAPPY!  Plus he's a dad of twins.  Plus - and here's the really good part - he is in charge of the toilet decorating contest at the Montgomery County Fair!  We're decorating a toilet next year!  How cool is that!

Following all that excitement, we were left with the zombie question again:  What should the girls wear for the zombie walk?  Their dad came and took them out to shop.  They returned with full outfits.  Pretty impressive.

While they were out shopping, Andrew brought me dinner (Peruvian chicken - yum!) and we admired my neighbors decorations.

It was a fun, productive and busy day but boy oh boy, I am in need of sleep again.  The story of my life.......

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