Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A week in my life: Tuesday

You might be wondering, what is this "A week in my life" stuff?  Alissa over at is participating in Adventuroo's  "A week in the life" series.  So, because I like just about everything Alissa does, I'm doing it, too.  She's like my blogging mentor.  Or I'm like a puppy.  Take your pick.

Tuesday was at least a semi-interesting day.  It started at the butt crack of dawn for me.  Yes, that's right.  My evil phone decided once again to start waking me at 2:05 like it's been doing for DAYS.  I NEED SLEEP.  My phone is possessed.  After turning it off (which I'm not supposed to do because I'm on call but seriously folks, I NEED SLEEP), I did indeed fall back asleep until the alarm started to torture me at 6:30 am.  Even though I don't need to be up that early most mornings for work, I do the weeks my girls are with me.  Middle school starts way too early for me.

Thankfully the new rule of getting clothes and books and shoes all ready for the next day was in effect.  A few too many hits on the snooze button meant we were in a hurry.  But we made it out the door (mostly) on time.  The middle school news anchor made it to her desk on time.  Whew.

Work was uneventful.  Uneventful is good.  Sometimes it's just what I need.  Today is one of those days.

The after school rush was in full effect.  Homework done?  Check.  Everything organized?  Not really but we'll pretend.  I actually have plans tonight.  I have three concerts that I'm attending in a two week period - totally unheard of for me!  Last Saturday was the Indigo Girls in Baltimore.  Tonight is Alanis Morrissette in Silver Spring.  I've been wanting to check out the Fillmore and this seemed like the perfect show to see there.  So my friend, Amanda, and I are going.  Woo hoo!

My ex arrived on time to get the girls.  Everything is set.  And off I go.  Only I forgot my phone.  I did remember the tickets but I had to go back home (a whopping 10 mins) to get my phone because I don't memorize anyone's phone number and couldn't let Amanda know I was there.  Organization would be helpful here.  But, alas, no such luck.

The show was great.  She runs all over the stage.  Yes, she's got a lot of energy.  The audience was odd.  There were the 20 something girls screaming the words to You Ought To Know at the top of their (off key) lungs.  There were the 40 and 50 something year olds that looked a bit out of place. Yes, that is the pot calling the kettle black - I'm one of them!  (see previous post  There were the weird 30 something year olds on a freaky looking date.  It was an interesting night.

It was so interesting, in fact, that I couldn't sleep.  Midnight rolled around.  So did 1:00am.  But here's the great news!  2:05 came and went QUIETLY!  I followed my ex's advice and changed one setting on my phone and viola!  Success!  And sleep!  Not enough but some is better than none!

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