Monday, November 25, 2013

Worth The Price of Admission

There are few acts I'm willing to pay to see. Paul McCartney (of course!).  But luckily I was able to interpret for him instead of paying to see him.  Marillion.  Kate Bush (but she doesn't tour so that doesn't really count).  Matt Nathanson (I'm a stalker).  Indigo Girls.  Always.  Pink.  Wow.

My friend, C, and I went to the Pink show last night.  Wowza.  First, the seats were awesome!  That helped.  We made a few observations last night:

1.  Abs.  'Nuff said.

2.  How does she get insurance for that show?  Okay, that was my thought, not C's.  She's the sane one.

3.  The girl can ROCK.

4.  Probably the most interesting to me - we were the norm in the demographics for this show.  We both thought we'd be on the older side but we weren't.  There were a fair number of moms who brought their daughters.  I would totally do that - I think the message in most of the songs is stuff my kids need to hear, though this show was a little risque for them.  Pink has provided the soundtracks for both my and C's divorces.  Looking around the insanely large crowd, it was easy to see we weren't the only ones.  There's both comfort and sadness in that.

In my next life, I'm going to be like her.  Minus the rough childhood.  But definitely with all the ink.

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