Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hair Chronicles: Volume 1

I have issues with my hair.  First, let me say I don't have fabulous hair.  I have good hair but it has a mind of its own and often I don't feel like arguing with it.

When my world starts spinning out of control, I feel an urge, a need to cut my hair.  When I was young and stupid and didn't care, I would go to work with a razor blade.  It didn't really matter because my hair was spike and normally punked out so no one could really tell.

Last night, at 8:30 on a Saturday evening, I sent a text to my friend:   "I need to cut my hair.  Now."  Lucky for me, she gets it.  We met at Bubbles salon at the mall, but they wouldn't cut my hair.  So we took a chance and went to Master Cuts.  I don't usually go to places I don't know.  I've had the same stylist for years - until she went out on maternity leave.  This oh-so-nice woman in there recognized the "I need a hair cut right now" look.  No shampoo.  No blow dry.  But success:  several inches gone and I look different.  More importantly, I feel different.  That was exactly what I needed.

This morning I woke happy with my hair.  Except for that glaring, glowing gray strand that I noticed the other night at dinner.  It needed to be colored.  Now.  This isn't too hard except I found a flaw in this plan: I need to remove my glasses to apply the color.  I don't want my glasses to become purple but I would like even color.  So this is kind of a crap shoot.  In about 10 minutes I'll know where I missed. I won't even go into my argument with the instructions: put on gloves first.  Try opening the application bottle with gloves on.  That was amusing.

Off to see what damage I did.....

Ah, the dilemmas of hair.

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