Sunday, November 10, 2013

Breaking that screen addiction

I'm kind of a tv addict. Rarely do I veg out and just watch but it's usually on while I'm doing other things.  I like the sound.  I like the distraction.  I like not being able to hear the mouse in the wall.  I'm used to it.  And I'm not one for change.

Then one day recently, the cable sort of froze and the cable box showed all 8s.  Then it shut off.  After a few minutes, I could turn it on again but then the process would start again.  Eventually I realized I can't fix this.  Several calls to Comcast made me realize the rumors are true: their customer service sucks.  They're polite enough, sure.  But when they tell me I have no signal and I can't watch tv while I'm watching the cable tv, I realize this is not the company for me.

My kids like tv, though they're limited in what they can watch.  We like Palladia and HGTV and Good Morning America.  We're simple people.  They like Dr. Who.  I like the Real Housewives.  So we made a list of all the things we would miss if we had no tv.

Then I realized WE HAVE OPTIONS!!

Roku is cool.  There's all sorts of weird channels for free on that.  I like it but it's not the first thing I think of turning on when I need to be distracted.  I actually have to pay attention to those movies and strange shows.

While talking to my friend-in-the-know for geek things, Nicole, she mentioned getting a digital antenna.  Fabulous!  I get the local news and a bunch of other channels I've even heard of.  Family Affair was on this morning.  I had my coffee with Mr. French!!

There's all sorts of stuff on Netflix.  I share that account with my ex, thankfully.  And I just activated HuluPlus (for $8/mo).  I'm watching Luther as I write this.  Happy as a freaking clam.

Now, if I could figure out a way around the crazy cell phone bills.......

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