Sunday, November 3, 2013

Taking a time out

What a busy weekend.  I had one goal:  to accomplish ONE thing.  I'm the queen of starting stuff but then something shiny appears and my attention is drawn away from the thing I'm supposed to be doing.  So I wanted to FINISH something.

I did.

My kid weren't thrilled with the agenda - clean up the yard, clean out the shed and get rid of stuff.  Simple, right?  Not in this house.

We also learned a lesson: leaf blowers look much more fun than they really are.  It was fun for about 5 minutes.  By the third hour, it wasn't so fun.

But the result is we filled the compost pile with leaves (and other stuff), 90% of the left over leaves are in one pile (and damn those other leaves that fell after we were done), and the oregano is replanted (and the rotted flower box is gone - and we discovered plants we didn't even know were there).  The shed is now clean - for the first time in probably about 15 years.  Lots of stuff gone, thank you Freecycle.  And I apologize in advance to the trash collectors.

ONE THING DONE!  Actually, three things done.  Shed cleaned, check!  Flower box gone and oregano replanted, check!  Leaves piled and driveway cleared, check!  Finally!

Saturday was busy so Sunday was less so.  The reward for my girls was something they really wanted: going to see Enders Game.  I can't remember the last time the three of us went to the movies.  It was a fun Three Musketeers day.  I think I need more of those in my life.  I always love those girls but sometimes I need to be reminded how much I really like them.  We laugh a lot.

We ended the weekend sharing the joy with my mom.  I realized today how hard it is for her to be dependent on me and unable to do the things she really wants to do.  But something simple like bringing dinner over and laughing a lot with her makes up for some of it.

Sunday was a good time out.  I want more.

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