Saturday, November 2, 2013

Getting dressed up

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, though I have no good reason for it.  My kids love it.  That's making me like it a lot more these days.

This year they were the twins from the movie The Shining.  They were super creepy, which made me kinda proud.  It was fun walking around at the Silver Spring Zombie Walk and then again trick or treating at Scary Perry.  More people were creeped out by them than anything else.  There were the few people who screamed and told them to go away.  Others just thought they were cute girls. It was fun.

I was thinking about Halloweens from the past today.  I loved their first outfit.  They did not.  I shoved them in peapod costumes.  They cried.  I beamed.  I seem to recall we ignored a few years but the one I really remember was when they were about 3 or 4.  They were Thing 1 and Thing 2.  They didn't care at all about candy.  When people opened their doors to give the girls a treat, the girls wanted to go in and play.  There were a lot of tears that year.  It still makes me laugh.

I have to give kudos to their dad.  He's the creative force behind most of the costumes.  They've been normal things for a few years- cats, acrobats, non scary things.  I loved Raggedy Ann and Andy.  These costumes were started by their grandmother and finished by their dad - at the 11th hour.  Talk about stress.

Our first venture into the world of weird costumes was a few years ago.  A was a roller coaster - that was fun.  M was Fred.  Fred was a monster that was holding a baby.  This made kids at the mall cry.  It was a our first experience with people who wanted to touch the girls and take pictures with them.  It was all very weird.

This is so different from my Halloween experiences growing up.  I think I was a gypsy almost every year.  I got to wear a lot of jewelry and make up - that's all I wanted.  I remember walking around the development where I lived with a friend, Bridgette.  She was a princess.  To have princess boobs, she wore her mom's bra.  I remember hitting the boobs, deflating them. I don't remember many other Halloweens.  I certainly don't remember people having scary costumes.  Or zombies.  Or the big elaborate event that it's become.  Maybe it was because neither I nor my mother was particularly creative.  

I do remember the hospital offering to x-ray candy before kids ate it.  I'm pretty sure they don't do that any more.  My boyfriend was commenting the other day that a lot of the stories of tampered candy is urban legend stuff.  Then I saw on the news tonight that someone found a needle in a snickers bar.  And there was the year my girls got anti-psychotic drugs with their candy.  

Why do we celebrate this?  I can't remember.  Oh, yeah.  The girls (and the grown ups) get to be I remember.

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