Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Paper Monster

It's amazing what a huge impact paper has on my home.  It's everywhere.

I am a big recycler.  If it can be recycled, it is.  Yet, I think what doesn't get recycled reproduces.  There's no other explanation for the amount of paper that is in every room of this house.  Oh, yeah, there is.  I suck at filing and the school district feels the need to inundate every home with as much paper as possible.  When a family has more than one kid, that's a hell of a lot of paper.

So, what's a girl to do about this?  Fill the recycling bins, of course.  The things that seemed sentimental at the beginning of the school year are much less so now.  Even my kids can look at something and say trash it.  That's new.

In my next life, the schools won't use so much paper.  The mail service will stop bringing me junk I don't want.  And I'd be just as happy if they stopped bringing me bills.  Really, I'd be happy if the mail carrier would just skip my house.

What's that sound I hear?  Is it the sound of more paper hitting the recycling bin?  No, I believe that's the low moan of paper reproducing.  Damn, I'm never going to get a handle on this.

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