Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday 5 - if I had nothing to do....

There is never a day when I have nothing to do.  There's always laundry, cleaning, billing, payroll - something to do!  This morning I laid in bed thinking about what I'd do if I had nothing to do.  Since that never happens, it was hard to come up with 5 things.  But here's what I came up with:

1.  Read.  I'd read my mindless magazines.  I'd read my trashy books.  I'd read all the stuff I don't normally have time to read.  Maybe even the newspaper - including the crossword!

2.  I'd catch up on the few tv shows I like.  I do this sometimes while I'm cleaning or working but this time I'd actually get to watch the tv, not just listen to it.

3.  I'd catch up on emails.  All 27 gazillion that I owe people.

4.  I would sleep.  I might wake up for a while but then I'd sleep again.  And then again.

5.  If I ventured out of the house, I would go to Brookside Gardens or the National Botanical Gardens at the Capitol.  There is nothing better than getting a pollen covered nose.

One day I'll have nothing to do.....

Clever Compass' Friday 5

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