Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Uneventful is good

Me:  I would like a day of boring.  I want nothing to happen for one day.

A:  That will not happen, Mommy.  Not to you.  (thinks for a minute)  You would not be happy with boring.  It's, well, boring!

She's right.  Boring is boring.  I don't want it all the time.  Just for a day.  Maybe one day a month could be boring.

Yesterday started out quiet enough.  Work was work.  It was fine.  I arrived at the track after school to walk around while the girls did their Girls on the Run thing.  School friends were there with their dog.  All was great.  Then the dog got jumpy because the girls (two of theirs and my two) were jumpy and playing and SNAP!  There went the dog's mouth on A's tummy.  Shirt is ripped.  There appears to be a little blood. And all four girls are crying.  There goes boring right out of sight.

(Note:  this wasn't the girls' fault or even the dog owner's fault.  Girls will be girls and dogs will be dogs.  No hard feelings here.)

When I was talking to the dog's dad that evening, as we were getting ready to hang up the phone, he said "have an uneventful evening".  I say that!  Have an uneventful flight.  Have an uneventful appointment.  It doesn't mean boring.  It means I don't want anything to go wrong.  Uneventful is good.

Some days start out ordinary and end up anything but uneventful.  I will always remember the day I found out I was pregnant, the day we found there would be two babies, the day I found I had a "little something extra upstairs" - days that started out normal but weren't.  Those days were eventful.  Some eventful days are good.  My kids first day of school.  A great date.  Good things.  Others make me wonder why the universe is messing with me: the day M fell off the top of the playground climbing structure, scaring the begeebers out of another parent (and me); the day my mom called to ask me to take her to the hospital and finding LOTS of blood in her apartment (lesson: Parkinson's patients do not need super sharp knives); the day A broke M's finger during a game of "dog and fire hydrant" (no, I didn't ask a lot of questions about that one).

I am ready for uneventful.  Hear that, Universe?  Uneventful is good!

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