Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday 5 - MAGIC

Clever Compass' Friday 5

My friend, Alissa, over at Clever Compass ( is doing a Friday 5 series and has asked me to join.  I'm in!

This week's 5 is MAGIC!

Hmmmm.....MAGIC!  I've had a handful of times in my life that involve magic.  My favs?

1.  When I was little, my mom used magic to make the traffic lights turn green.  She did that for years!  It wasn't until I was driving that I realized she watched the opposing lights and when they turned yellow, she'd start her poem "Abracadabra, abracadee.  Red light turn green for me!"  It worked every time.

2.  In our brief quest to decide if we would raise our kids Catholic or Methodist, the ex and I visited a few churches.  One was an interesting Catholic church in Hillandale.  There were folks speaking all sorts of different languages and people said hello to us (a new experience for us at the time).  I have no idea what the sermon was about but the priest did magic.  He made his thumb come off.  I was fascinated.  I'd go back again if I thought he'd do magic again.

3.  I have a magic trick of my own.  When I'm waiting for a metro train to appear and it won't, I call someone.  I call and say I'm going to be late.  As soon as I do that, VIOLA!  A train appears.  Like magic.

4.  When my girls were old enough to chew gum, their lives changed.  They love gum.  And I mean LOVE it.  I forget which kid it was but one was chewing her gum and swallowed it on accident.  She was freaked out.  So her dad (and later her babysitter when it happened again) made it magically come out of her belly button.  That was cool magic.  She was fascinated.  So was I.

5.  I am unable to do real magic.  My kids got a magic set for some holiday several years ago.  It came with instructions.  Even with the instructions I couldn't do half the tricks.  So that was magic frustration!


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