Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rabble Rouser

My mother once said I was raising rabble rousers - kids who are very much like me and while they don't start the fires, occasionally they need to fan the flames.  They can't help themselves much like I can't help myself.  Especially with the religious protesters.  I don't seek them out.  They find me, which makes them fair game.

First we stumbled upon the "Put God and Prayer Back In Schools" folks.  There they stood, holding their big wooden crosses.  I get a star in my crown today for not talking to them.  After all, which God do they want in schools?  Allah?  Yahweh?  Jesus?  Who makes that decision?  As someone who does have a faith of sorts, I don't want God back in schools.  I want to teach my children.  That's my job, not the teacher's.  They left before I got my picture taken with them.  Rats.

There were lots of people trying to push their religious propaganda at me.  I wasn't the only one but I still wonder why they think I look like someone who wants that stuff.  An older woman, a senior citizen (important because my mom taught me to respect my elders) shoved a pink "Unofficial Guide to DC" pamphlet in my hand.  I opened it and found pictures, cartoons really, of Jesus.  I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't really want to be drawn into a guide for tourists.  

When bf and I were walking home from the Cherry Blossom Parade (yep, walking from the Mall to Silver Spring!) we decided to go up 16th street.  There on the sidewalk was a woman on her knees,  head bent down, rosary beads in hand.  Huh.  She was right there on the sidewalk.  So I stopped to figure out why she was there.  And then it became obvious - the Planned Parenthood sign was right there.  She was praying for all the tortured souls who were getting their pap smears, gyn checks and mammograms.  How nice of her!  I did get a picture with her.  She did not enjoy that one bit, which made me feel oh so much better. 

Would I have done this in front of my children?  Absolutely.  Would they have wanted to be in the picture?  Yes.  I know this because of the comments A made when she saw the pro life stickers on the car parked next to us in the garage.  I know this because they are my children.  I don't think my mom was right.  They're not really rabble rousers.  The dictionary says a rabble rouser is "one that stirs up (as to hatred or violence) the masses of the people". Neither my children nor I engage in or encourage hatred or violence. It's quite the opposite, really. But we do speak our mind and stand up for what we feel is right. I'm good with that.


  1. My boyfriend had a larger collection of religious propaganda, er, pamphlets than I.

    I only got two pamphlets: the Ray Comfort-style million-dollar bill, and the Jews for Jesus' guide to downtown DC, which you mentioned.

  2. I stand corrected and the sentence was removed.