Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter has always been my favorite holiday.  I love Spring  I love the joyful feeling of the holiday.  I love it all.  But it's different now.

Stores are open.  I remember most things being closed on Easter when I was growing up.  People go about their normal activities - it's not a special day any more.

Growing up, I went to church on Easter.  I don't do that anymore.  I never understood the whole "He died for your sins" and was resurrected thing.  I always felt that I was accountable for my own sins - whether or not someone died for me (which is a feeling I really don't like.  I don't want someone dying for me!).  Still, everyone at church was happy (they believed more than I, apparently).  The music was happy.  Everything had a positive vibe.

I still like Easter.  But I don't bring my kids to church, which is a decision that gives me mixed feelings.  We do outside things most years.  I don't do the family dinner thing though we see our family.  I hated Easter family dinner growing up.  We went to a family member's house who always served ham and I don't eat pork.  It never bothered me - I just ate the salads and side dishes.  Then one year everyone made a big deal about it by trying to make me feel bad about not eating something they cooked and that was the end of family dinners for me. I don't miss that part.

Easter this year went well.  My girls started out with an Easter egg hunt at their dad's.  Then they came to me and we visited my mom.  No family dinner there but we had a nice lunch that made my mom happy.  We had a brief break at home before going to cook out with my bf at his house.  The Easter bunny made an appearance three times for my kids (dad's house, Nana's house, and then at my house).

So, how do I know the day was a success?  Because this morning I heard one kid say to the other "This was a great Easter, wasn't it?"  Yes, it was.

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