Friday, June 21, 2013

The Hidden Crazies

I tease my friend, M, for attracting all the crazies. Crazy finds me is her motto - and it fits.  I love her and all her crazy-isms and the crazy it attracts.  I never thought *I* was one of those crazies because, well, I'm kind of boring.  Oops.

My realization today isn't crazy finds me.  It's more like the universe is bringing these very unusual people in my life for a reason.  I like this!

I have a group of awesome friends who supported me and my girls when we needed it most.  Over the years I've realized it's not entirely a one-way street.  We support them, as well.  I don't think they're as dependent on that group as I tend to be but I like feeling like I mean something to them as well.

My group of crazy is growing and it's growing in a way I hadn't expected.  I made an off-hand remark to someone on facebook basically saying she's got an awesome life.  Well, she does.  But she also has a crazy part (and keeps me laughing!) that I hadn't expected.  Thank you, Universe, for making her part of our family of choice.

I have someone who works for me in another state who seemed qualified and professional and just a little out of whack.  I had no idea how out of whack she is and how much awesome she brings to my world.  All these crazy folks do.

All of these folks are, in my kids' words, "awesome and unique."  And kinda crazy.  Not the kind of crazy that brings fear into my world - far from it.  It's the kind of crazy that makes me smile.  And be incredibly grateful.

So thank you, Universe.  My world is so much more colorful with all these crazy folks.  And we love them all.

Some of our colorful friends.


  1. You say crazy, I say unique and interesting. Tomayto, tomahto.

  2. Unique and Interesting is quite correct!