Saturday, June 15, 2013

Taking a day off

Generally speaking, I like my life.  I've gotten used to the insanity that has become my normal.  I take care of my kids most of the time and my mom some of the time.  I work a lot and I try to remember that being in a relationship takes work, so I to prioritize that as well.  I love having wonderful friends and try to fit them in the schedule as I can.

It makes for a busy life.

As things at work have changed and the stress levels have gone off the charts, my work hours have increased (while pay has not!).  The end of school has (finally!) arrived, along with all the stress and emotion that brings.  It's just been a time.

During the week (when the girls, mom or bf are with me), the rule is no electronics at the table.  The rest of the time, it's on.  It's on during the weekends.  It's on when I'm out and about.  It's always one.  IT being the computer or the phone or the whatever that keeps me connected to the world.  It's always on.

So today is a no electronics day.  BF and I are going to have a day of fun.  I might take some pictures and post them later but I'm not checking email.  I'm not talking to people.  I'm not doing scheduling or billing or anything else.

I'm taking a day off!

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