Friday, November 11, 2011

Saying thank you

I can't quite imagine what it's like to be a member of our military. I have several friends who joined and know others whose spouses are in active duty. I don't think I'm courageous enough to do it. But I'm certainly grateful to those who are and who keep me and my family safe. Living near the Walter Reed Army Medical Center allows me to see the wounded service men and women who live in my community. They're pretty amazing people. Saying thank you doesn't seem like quite enough.

So in continuing with my thread of recognizing groups that help others, here's a few groups that do things for veterans. Check them out. Also, if you know of a group, person or organization that does good for the world, let me know.

8.Amvets - I didn't know all things this group did. I thought they just showed up at my door to get the things I wanted to donate. Turns out they have lots of programs.

9. The Hugs Project - I didn't know that the post office charges non-profit organizations to send items to the troops. That doesn't seem quite right. Here's a group that sends items to the troops to give them warmth and some comforts of home.

10. Soldiers' Angels - This group takes on a zillion tasks to help soldiers and their families. Wow - they write letters to soldiers, send blankets, send birthday cakes, makes pictures - many different things to help deployed soldiers know they are not forgotten.

11. Operation Write Home - This is a great idea to help kids get involved! This satisfies my crafty side and my desire to help others. I'm going to do this! Folks make cards - no store bought cards allowed! - to send to the troops so they can send them to their friends and families. What a great idea!

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