Monday, November 7, 2011

People who make a difference

I'm trying to keep the idea of being thankful in mind. It's tough when I have crying kids, a mom who needs things, clients who need me and a business that can't run itself. However, staying mindful of such a positive feeling will benefit me. That's what I'm telling myself.

My first goal was to post every day. That's not going to happen. So every few days will have to do.

More people who make a difference and organizations that do good.

4. Manna on Main Street - this is a food pantry in Lansdale, PA (my home town). I've served holiday dinners there several times - as have my children. If you're in the area, Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to volunteer there. Tons of fun and it makes your heart grow bigger.

5. St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church
Phone: (301) 588-4363
Address: 9100 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910
These folks run a food bank that serves local folks in need. When I was a girl scout leader, we did a lot of work collecting food for this group. I've delivered food and home made holiday cards from our troop on days when people were picking up food. So many of the patrons were elderly - and several told me they wouldn't get any other holiday cards except the ones our troop made.

6. Mike Prien. This one is going to sound weird because I don't think most folks write kudos for their ex-husbands. But he is worthy of such a post because of what he's doing for kids going through cancer treatment. The dude can sew. And sew he does. He makes awesome hats for kids going through chemo who have lost their hair. He makes them for little kids, big kids, any kid at the National Children's Medical Center who is in need.

7. Any and all hospice organizations. I have a special place in my heart for them and have worked with PG County hospice to help train interpreters to work with hospice patients. The folks who work for them day in and day out are clearly angels on earth.

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