Tuesday, November 22, 2011

People who make a difference part deux

So I'm a slacker when it comes to writing regularly. I have such good intentions when I start and then it all goes to hell, much like my resolution to stop swearing (which my kids remind me of daily).

Truth is, I did write a page last weekend but then the cable went out and my post sat on my computer for a while. Sigh.....I'm trying......

So let me catch up. The more I look around, the more I realize there are lots of people doing good in this world. They've also been there. They just work quietly and sometimes I don't notice their work until I go looking for it. I'm glad I'm looking for it.

I left off at 11 so we'll start with 12.

12. Unicef - when I was little, we would collect coins for them when we were trick-or-treating. I guess kids don't do that anymore. I thought it was a good idea.

13. and 14. The Trevor Project and It Gets Better Project. - saving and trying to improve the lives of kids who get teased/bullied because of their sexual orientation. How sad is it that an organization was needed to address this need and how awesome is it that they do it.

15. Toys for Tots - this organization is near and dear to my heart. This is how my family and I (my mom and brother) celebrate the holidays with each other. We buy each other a few gifts but mostly what we do is buy gifts for kids who might otherwise not get gifts. People buy for babies and little cute kids but what about the older ones? We try to buy sports equipment and other things those kids might like. The best part is going to the fire station to deliver them. The firemen love us when we go.

16. The Angel Tree - I found out about programs like this through my brother. I'm not usually too supportive of religious programs but this one makes sense. They bring Christmas gifts to kids who have a parent in jail. The gifts come from the incarcerated parent so all the kids knows is that his mom or dad sent a gift. I never thought about those children not getting gifts because they have a parent in jail. What a great idea!

17. Santa for Seniors - My sister-in-law is the head elf for this group. She works tirelessly for a few months to make sure the senior citizens in her area (southern California) get something for Christmas. My mom used to do it when we lived in Lansdale. I'm inspired by both of them.

18. Food and Friends - These folks make sure that people with life threatening illnesses get food. Many people associate them only with patients who have HIV/AIDS but they do more than that. The serve people with all sorts of illnesses.

More to come.....

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