Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's in a name?

My given name is Judith Ann Rockhill. Yet, I’m called by many different names.

Judi, by most folks.

Judi Ann by my 8th grade science teacher and grandmother, both deceased now so no one calls me this any more.

Judith Ann by my former bosses in OCNJ and my mom but only when I’m in trouble.

Mom, Mommy, Maman, MOTHER!, Ima by my children, depending on their mood.

That interpreter by some of my clients.

AnjaandMikaela’smom by the kids at the playground.

Mom of the twins by the parents at the playground who can’t remember my name.

Miss Judi by the kids in the mental hospital where I worked (and some of my kids’ friends).

Bitch by my best friend from high school (and that’s totally fine).

Rockhill by some of my friends.

Hey or You by strangers.

Ma’am by young people who want me to smack them.

Miss by smart folks at the store.

Mrs. Rockhill by people who don’t know what name to use (this is the correct one).

Ms. Prien by the unknowing folks in my kids’ school.

The ex by my ex.

They’ve all been correct at some point in my life.

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