Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello. My name is Judi and I'm an addict.....

I admit it. I'm an addict. That's the first step, right? I need to confess that when I walk through the office supply aisle in a store, that I-want-to-be-organized-and-color-coded part of my brain starts tingling. Back to school time is the best time of the year - but not because my kids are going back to school. All the gadgets and doodads are on sale. I'M MEANT TO BUY IT ALL.

Every year they come up with new stuff. Sometimes it's something simple like different shapes of post-it notes. I mean, who wants square when you can get different shapes! Who wants a yellow highlighter when you could get purple, pink, blue or green?? There are clips, pens, and notebooks - oh my! There are so many things that I might need one day. And they're on sale now! It's a sign. I'm meant to have them.

One of my favorite places to feed this addiction was at a computer trade show event aimed at feds that I interpreted for several years. It was awesome!! I got a year's supply of pens, post-it notes, pencils, mints and a ton of things I didn't even know I needed! Ah.....good times.....

I've had other addictions in the past. My kids would say I have a shoe addiction but that's not really true. They'd also say I have a purse addiction but I think the actual number is somewhere around 10, which does not qualify as an addiction. My sister in law would say I have an addiction to pillow covers (the things that go over a pillow but under the case). I'd say I like them but I'm not addicted to them. I do, however, have plenty right now - I'm just prepared. You never know when you're going to need them.

So, it's time to confess, people. What's you addiction?


  1. You should check out Kim's blog:
    That woman LOVES the Staples store and obsesses over pens.

    As for me, I work at a store that feeds OCD, I want to reorganize everyone's food storage container/spice racks, and I can't stay off Craigslist in search free stuff. Those are my addictions!!

    Also- the average woman has 40 pairs of shoes. Take that, M & A! :)

  2. "And they're on sale now! It's a sign."

    More than one sign, if I'm not mistaken. Some of them even light up and/or blink.

    "pillow covers (the things that go over a pillow but under the case)"

    Wait, what? Is this even a thing? Do we have such a fabric surplus that our pillowcases need pillowcases?

  3. Jamie, I want your life. I get the shakes like a freaking addict when I go by (to say nothing of IN) the Container Store. I don't know how you do it.

    Andrew - it's not SURPLUS fabric! And it's not a pillowcase for your pillowcase! It's an important thingy that people need! It protects your pillows from, say, cats and things. It's another layer between your face and the allergen filled pillow. Would you like me to bring a few over?