Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If I had a million dollars......

Oh, I could spend a million dollars. Or at least I think I could. But that's a lot of money so it's probably harder than I think. But I'd like to try.

So what would I do with it? Here are my thoughts:

I'd make sure my mom was set for the remainder of her life.

I'd make sure my kids had a good start on saving for college.

I'd buy a house that's all mine. And I'd get a housekeeper because I suck at it. And my kids would have their own rooms (on a different floor than me).

I would have a kitchen that makes me happy to cook in.

I would have appliances that work (AC, laundry - just the necessities).

I'd go to Prague, Croatia and Yugoslavia. And maybe visit Poland and Hungary because I love both and I'll be in the area - it makes sense. And, of course, Paris. Twice. Once with my kids and once with the guy I want to romance me in that beautiful city.

I want to have a car that doesn't look like I'm a mom.

I want a purse that makes me happy. And a pair of those red-bottomed shoes.

I don't really think that adds up to a million dollars.

So I'd be able to open a house for deaf children in need. I sort of think of it as an orphanage but there's got to be a better name for it. I found a place on the internet a while ago that listed deaf children in need of adoption. I want them all. And a staff with teachers and people who will love them and can communicate with them to take care of everything.

Or maybe I'd continue the work my brother and sister-in-law do in making sure seniors with limited incomes and no families get Christmas gifts and things they need.

There are so many choices. So many wishes. So, how what would you do if you won the lottery or a huge bag of money landed in your yard?

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