Friday, October 24, 2014

I went walking.....Oct. 24

There's a book I used to love to teach children's sign language classes.  It's called "I Went Walking".  It's basically:

I went walking
What did I see?
I saw a green duck
Looking at me

I like it because you substitute anything for a green duck.  As I'm walking all over the place to get my good vibration (see earlier post), I pass things that make me smile and meet unusual folks.  While on metro this week, a woman sat next to me and wished me a "wonderful day."  Normally people don't talk to me.  So that made me happy.  Yesterday a man confided that he had found someone's credit card and ID.  He wanted me to send a prayer so he'd do the right thing "because the devil is on my shoulder."  I wonder if he ended up doing the right thing.

I think I'll start a weekly post series for a while.  Maybe it'll encourage me to walk.  Maybe....

The owl isn't real but it took me by surprise when I looked out the window of my job and saw that.

I put my nose in all the flowers as I pass them.  One of the things I enjoy about walking in DC is going to the various gardens at the Smithsonian.  I wonder if people see me smelling everything.  Sometimes I'm rewarded pleasantly - like this flower.  Sometimes I regret putting my nose in a flower.  I think if a flower looks pretty, it should smell pretty good, too.  But that's just me.

It's not Philly but it's love and a city.  I'm not complaining.

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