Friday, October 31, 2014

I kept walking.....Oct.31

I didn't hit all my goals this week.  I'm not happy about that but it is what it is.  I did go walking every day and did see lots of things.  I wasn't on metro this week so there were no people to meet, no stories to hear.  I did work in some places I haven't worked at in recent years so that was fun.  But it wasn't particularly eventful.

So, what did I see?

I asked my daughter, A, to clean the sand out of the utility sink in the basement.  One day when I needed a few more steps to hit my goal, I walked all around my house, including in the basement.  I went down to find she left her mark in the sand.  I guess that's her way of "cleaning" it.

Last weekend, my girls and I went to Eastern Market, one of our favorite places.  We found a great vendor who had hats and all sorts of things that called to us.  The only weird thing about this vendor stand was the super creepy mannequins.  This one wasn't the only one.  There were more.  More just as heebie-jeebie inducing as this.  Like this one:

I have to include some pretty flowers.  They're a must because soon there won't be any more.  Yes, it's the #seasonofdeath.

I know I saw other things.  Lucky (or not, depending on your perspective), I didn't have my camera for most of those things.  I'll do better next week.

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  1. Season of Death! <---- Bwahahahaha! (Google eats my comments, sorry of this is a double.