Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Good Vibration

I found something that has, at least temporarily, changed my life.  It's purple and plastic and ugly.  But it motivates me.

I had been thinking of getting a Fitbit for a while but just never got around to it.  I'd see my friends post their stats on facebook and thought no, I can't do that.  I don't want the world to see my progress (or lack thereof).  Then the ex got one and started bugging me about it.  Come on!  Get one! I was still seeing the facebook posts and was kind of intrigued.  So I did it.

Picking a color from ugly choices wasn't easy but I picked the one that made the most sense for me (purple).  Boyfriend got one (not a bracelet), too.  I have plenty of motivation around me now.

So, how has this changed me?  I walk my 10,000 steps more often than not.  I park down the hill and around the block instead of in the closer parking garage.  I walk around the buildings between jobs.  When I drop the girls at school (if there's time) I walk around the track.  There's really nothing more humbling than being passed (multiple times) by people older than me.  I think about how I'm going to get my steps in.  I pay attention to what I'm doing.  I plan exercise in my day - I've never really done that before.

The result?  My body is (again) changing from all the walking.  My attitude is changing.  I feel like one thing that is just for me on a (nearly) daily basis.  When I hit my 10,000 steps my bracelet vibrates on my wrist, letting me know I hit my goal.

And really, who doesn't like a good vibration?

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