Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good News Friday! 4/25/14

I'm such a slacker.  I've been forgetting to post my Good News Friday posts.  Sigh....but I'm back!

Let's feels like it's been a busy week.  I know there are some good points in there somewhere.

1.  I was able to work with some of my favorite people this week.  It doesn't happen often but when it does, it makes me happy.  Two of my favorite interpreters and Favorite Client #1.  Good work week!

2.  "I have a good life!"  M announced to me this week.  When asked to elaborate, she said "I have good friends, I read good books, I like good tv shows and I have a good family."  That's a good way to feel and made me feel oh so good as a parent.  I needed that.

3.  I celebrated Russian easter.  This made me surprisingly happy.  I don't have many holiday traditions and never had much of one regarding easter.  This year, I missed having a family.  I saw everyone's pictures of family celebrations on facebook and wanted one myself, which I know will never happen.  Andrew's parents invited us over and taught us their traditions.  True, I'm not Russian but we now have one in our family and I'll silly excited at the idea of having to cook certain things to continue the traditions he's known all his life.

4.  Someone told me that peeing on my plants probably wouldn't really keep the squirrels away but cayenne pepper might.  That is so much easier!  And less, well, weird.  Fingers crossed that it works.

5.  I realized I'm still happy.  This is good.

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  1. Every time I comment on a blogger blog it eats the comment...GAHHHH! I love M's declaration and her reasons for it. Baltimore has a huge Russian that you are learning new traditions.