Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Pretty Tradition

There aren't too many traditions I partake in, often to my dismay.  There are a few I really enjoy and make an effort to do.  Cherry blossom season is one of them.  I wish the blooms lasted longer and I wish the entire world didn't want to see them at the same time I do.  That aside, I take lots of pictures of them.  Every.  Year.

I thought about waking up early enough to see the sun rise over the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin.  Then reality hit: I'm not really a morning person.  No alarm set.  No real plans to do this.  Then for some odd reason I woke early - as in around 6 am.  I almost turned over to go back to sleep (which I really needed) but then I thought I woke early for a reason.  I sleepily found a sweatshirt and made some coffee and made it out of the house in about a half hour.  The sun was already started to rise.  Grrrh.

Plan B enacted.

Instead of seeing the blossoms over the tidal basin (which I haven't done in years because I am not fond of crowds), I went to Bethesda.  I figured I could make it there quicker.  Good call.

I love the tree lined streets full of cherry blossoms wherever I look.  It's normally a really crowded place but before 7 am, it's quiet and beautiful.

People are friendly at that hour.  The runners, bike riders and dog walkers were out and that was about it.  The sun kept rising, changing the way the light hit the blossoms.  It was a fabulous way to spend a bit of time.

It made me wish I wasn't an art school drop out.  I don't usually think about it but today I wished I had paid attention more and remembered what to do with my camera.  I miss the days of shooting in film but days like today make me grateful for digital.  I would have blown through a lot of film rolls instead of just two cards.

I might wake up early enough to go to the Tidal Basin tomorrow.  Might being the key word.

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