Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adjusting my expectations

Maybe this should be titled "Honey, I was wrong".  But I can't do that.  I'll leave it at "I had to adjust my expectations".  That's as apologetic as I get.

Boyfriend and I went to Colorado for a wedding last week.  Yes, I did say Colorado.  The land of all the flooding and destruction.  The land where I have been several times before and enjoyed very little of it.  The land where there are mountains!!  I'm a beach girl who doesn't like breathing funny.  That Colorado.

We arrived in the middle of the rain.  The rental car guy didn't want us driving an itty bitty car into the mountains so we got a car so big, bf's regular Honda could fit inside of it.  Really big.  Our voices nearly echoed in it.

We made it to our destination (Silverthorne), went to a fun wedding (Dr. Who themed!) and I didn't die.  That was all successful.  Breathing was, um, fun but I didn't stop.  So that was also a success.  The advice I received - drink water! - was helpful.  Still, I was happy to be off the mountains several days later.

BF planned most of the trip.  That's a first - me letting go of control of everything.  Letting go is kind of fun.  Yes, we went to places I had NO interest in going.  But what a great surprise to find out I am sometimes wrong!  Leadville.  Yeah, Leadville - with the Mining Museum (,  When asked "do you want to go to the Mining Museum?"  The answer in my head was "um, NO!"  But then I would have missed all the cool stuff inside!  That was cool!  I'm glad the voice in my head was squelched by my regular voice.

BF: I want to go the scenic way.

Me: (inside my head: shit!) (out loud): Um, okay.

Had I not agreed to that, I would have missed driving through a rainbow, seeing amazing scenery, goats - all sorts of stuff.  We met nice people, saw cool towns and had a great time.  I was, my expectations needed adjusting.  Yeah, that's it.

We went from Leadville, through a bunch of towns, past Pike's Peak, past the floods and ending up at Colorado Springs.  First, it's big.  I had no idea.  It has bowling alleys!  That was a fun way to spend an evening.  It has friendly people.  And flooding.

We were at Focus on the Family (don't ask - my very-atheist-boyfriend had a need to see it and I have to say, it was surprising).  Thankfully it was Sunday and it was closed.  That limited the amount of trouble we could find.  But I found proof that the Universe does indeed have a sense of humor.  As we were wandering around the empty campus, a voice came out of nowhere!  It told us the water was rising and to seek higher ground.  That made me laugh.

Colorado Springs has the Garden of the Gods - a super cool place from the looks of it.  Why only from the looks of it?  Because just as we were preparing to leave the visitor center to enter the park, the water gods decided to piss on our trip and start flooding.  Nice timing, dudes.  It was beautiful from the outside.  We'll have to wait until the next trip to see if it's as beautiful on the inside.  I don't doubt that it is.

We finished our trip in Denver.  Denver is much nicer than I expected (there are those nasty expectations again).  It has a beautiful downtown (with weird sounds that come from the subway grates, thank you Sound Walk {}).  Again, at bf's suggestion we visited something I didn't really want to do.  The Denver Museum of Nature and Science (  I'm used to the various Smithsonian museums so I didn't expect much (there's that word again!).  I was wrong!  It was cool!

It was a fun trip.  I even survived the cootie-filled woman next to me on the plane.  Between her sneezing and wheezing, she gave me an US magazine.  I can forgive a lot for a good trashy magazine.  Escaping reality for a bit was nice.  Now I've tasted freedom.  I'm going to want to do this again.  Soon.

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