Sunday, September 8, 2013

A few of my favorite things - black raspberry ice cream

Every now and then there's something I want to write about because it has a special meaning to me.  I'm going to start a sporadic series called (now sing this with me) "a few of my favorite things".  I'm starting with Friendly's Black Raspberry ice cream.  It has to be Friendly's, no other.

I was in elementary school when my brother was in high school.  He had a part time job working at Friendly's.  I don't remember much about any of it - except one part.  I remember going there with my mom and ordering dinner (likely clam strips!).  When it came time for dessert, he brought me one of those metal ice cream dishes that Friendly's has filled with purple black raspberry ice cream. The ice cream was covered in black chocolate sprinkles.  I remember them.  I had never had so many sprinkles on one cup of ice cream.  Because it came from my brother, it was special.

We've had many ups and many downs in our life.  He and I are nothing alike (or so we like to think).  We butt heads and disagree on a record number of things.  Yet we always find some common ground on which we can mend our relationship.

Today I was still recovering from the loss of Bobcat (see previous post).  Although I have been busy and occupied all weekend, I still shed a record number of tears.  My brother, who has been through a similar experience, reached out to me, my ex and my girls.  It meant something to me.  So when I was walking through Giant after a (less than awesome) visit with my mother, I saw Friendly's Black Raspberry ice cream and I (who doesn't eat ice cream often and rarely keeps it in the house) felt it calling to me.

I just happened to have some chocolate sprinkles (called Jimmies in my world) in the back of the cabinet.  This bowl of purple and black made me smile and made my insides all happy.  This, my friends, is one of my favorite things.

(Now it's stuck in your head, isn't it?)

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  1. I'm loving the fact that it looks like ANTS. Now I want a bowl of that.