Friday, August 30, 2013

Feeling awkward

I am right handed.  This makes me part of the majority and makes my life easy.  I have a left handed kid and we often stumble upon things that make me realize my life is a little easier than hers.  Vending machines, metro turnstiles, handicap door access panels - all set for right handed people.  I'm used to it.  My daughter complains but realizes this is life.

So all is good, right?


I have a repetitive stress injury that is affecting my right shoulder, back and neck.  I'm supposed to be in a sling and keep my right arm immobilized.  Easy peasy, right?  Hell no.

Aside from the fact that the words "do not work for 2-3 weeks and keep your arm in a sling" are words that set an interpreters heart stopping, life is not easy with just one arm.  Lucky for me, I'm finding amusement in this.  I'm learning things I never thought of before.  What, you ask?  Here's some things that are making me laugh:

  1. I can't mix pancake mix with my left hand.
  2. I also can't flip a pancake without my right hand.
  3. I can't put on a bra with just my left hand.
  4. I can't figure out how to use toilet paper with my left hand.  I'm sure the ladies in the nearby stalls were wondering why I was laughing.
  5. I can't open the sunroof in my car.
  6. I can't unlock a door.
  7. I can't text (but I can voice text).
  8. Typing is a challenge.
  9. Open the fridge/oven feels weird.
  10. I can't brush my teeth or my hair.
This is insane.  And it better be temporary.  I had a brief stint - a few months - as a left handed person when I was in elementary school with a broken right wrist.  I can write my name with my left hand as a result.  That's about all I can do.  

So I sit here, typing with both hands because nothing will get done otherwise.  And grumbling to myself.....grrrrh.

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