Friday, August 9, 2013

Brother Husbands

My daughter, M, had a great idea the other night.  She sees me struggle with things I don't know how to fix - the plumbing, car problems, electrical problems - the list is endless.

So, what is M's suggestion you ask?

Brother husbands.  You know, like Sister Wives, only handier.

She made a list of the kinds of husbands I should have:

1.  Computer (current boyfriend fits this one)
2.  Plumber
3.  Mechanic
4.  Landscaper
5.  AV Sales person (someone wants new audio equipment)
6.  Chef
7.  Doctor
8.  Orthodontist (that request comes from A, the one with braces)
9.  A (random) millionaire
10. Someone who works at Apple/Motorola/Samsung
11.  An interpreter so I can be a stay at home mom (A's request)

I like that they put so much thought into this.  I am surprised that they think I will have enough, um, stamina for 11 husbands.  Or interest.  Or patience.

I would like 11 friends who fit the list, though.

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