Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Christmas Stocking

My favorite part of Christmas is the stockings.  I love making them up and I love getting one.  This is the story of why my kids are the best in the world.

The year their dad and I separated, we (obviously) didn't do Christmas stockings for each other.  I was a mess - it was a horrible holiday.

The next year was better.  The hatred was gone. But he was dating someone.  I was dating someone (who grew up without this tradition).  We weren't going to do stockings for each other.

My kids knew this was such an important part of my holiday - I'd never had a Christmas without one.  They knew the previous year was very tough for me.  And this year (which was really last year) was tough because their grandmother was dying during it all.

You're probably wondering what this has to do with my kids being the best in the world, right?  Hold on.

This year I was prepping all the stuff I had for the girls' stockings when I remembered what happened last year.  We have a rule that no one can sneak down the stairs early to cheat and see what Santa brought.  The girls broke that rule to sneak down the stairs and remove some of the candy and toys from their stocking and put them in mine. I was stunned.  I cried.  See?  I do have the best kids in the world.

This year we went back to old traditions.  We all had Christmas stockings.  My girls made sure I had a little bling in mine (with help from their dad).  Seriously, I love those girls.  They planned and prepped and made sure my Christmas was good.  Last time: I have the best kids in the world.

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