Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Fresh Coat of Paint

I did something I don't often get to do.  I got a make over.  This probably isn't a big deal to most folks and I didn't think it was a big deal to me.  Then I realized it was.

My sister-in-law (and brother) are in town for our family holiday, Thanksmas.  It's a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one.  It's normally a time for my girls to spend time with the aunt and uncle and my mom to spend some time with her son.  It's usually a rushed sort of weekend, trying to get a lot of things done in a short period of time.  My participation tends to be making sure the girls are wherever they're supposed to be and attending the family meal.

This year was a little different.  My brother was taking my mom to an appointment and the girls were not yet out of school.  I got a text from my SIL that said "come play with me!".  I had paperwork and billing and cleaning and laundry and blah, blah, blah to do.  But I don't often get time with just her so I went.  

There wasn't much time before we had to get the girls so we walked around downtown Silver Spring for a bit.  I never get to go in Ulta (makeup store).  Going in with two 11 year old girls is a nightmare.  Please don't touch.  No, you can't wear Smashbox makeup.  No, I'm not getting you Bare Minerals.  Don't try on more than one perfume at a time. That is why I don't go in there with them.  They weren't here and Kelley was so we went in.  I wanted something new - a new color, a new something different.  

At Kelley's urging, I sat in the chair and the makeup person started her magic. I told her I thought she has the best job - she makes people feel pretty.  She had brushes and lotions and powders.  At the end of it all, I had new colors on my face and a new attitude.  I haven't had another person do my makeup since my wedding.  That was 1998.  It's been a while.

I feel all shiny and new.  I didn't want to wear my glasses - I wanted everyone to see my new colors.  When we picked the girls up from school, M noticed right away.  You're wearing makeup.  That's a new color!  That's why I love that kid.

My new attitude and new look and new happiness are going to celebrate Thanksmas.

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