Friday, June 29, 2012

Notes on Geneva, Part 1

Finally!  I can get into my blog!  I haven't been able to so far on this trip.  And when I see it, it's in German (which is funny because I'm in a French speaking area).  So happy to see you, my blog.

So much is happening on this trip.  It really is the trip of a lifetime.

I have much to say but only want to jot down notes now so I don't forget.  Between my notes and my over-a-thousand-pictures, I'll remember this forever.

1.  Geneva likes flowers.  It's smells good here almost everywhere.  I can't identify them all but I'd like them in my (very big in my head but small in reality) garden.

2.  There are free pianos set up around the city just for people to play.  It's marvelous to be walking down a street and hear beautiful music.  Sometimes people bring others for accompaniment.  One had a flute player.  That was fun.  One boy started out at one location, put a hat on the piano and was amazing.  During the course of the day, I saw him move to other locations.  I hope that boy made a lot of money.

3.  The current in the river that goes off from the river is fast.  I was surprised to see someone floating down it yesterday (a very hot day).  Then I saw another guy climb up the railing on the pedestrian bridge and do a back flip off.  That was cool, though all I could think about was spinal cord injuries.

4.  I love the sound of church bells.  They sound at noon at this house - such a beautiful sound.  In various other parts of the city, they've rung on the hour or half hour.  It's such a relaxing sound to hear.

5.  I have had more wine and meat in one week here than I have consumed in a year. And I liked it!  My stomach hasn't always but it hasn't revolted in a way I expected.  Yum!!

6.  They eat horse here.  I do not.

7.  Three chickens and two cats regularly come into the yard from a neighbor's house to play in the garden.  Listening to the chickens cluck is oddly soothing.

8.  Public transportation here is nice.  Similar to DC, though it runs more often and has more seats.  Doesn't smell anything like Philly.

9.  Age is relative.  This city is old.  It makes Philly and DC seem like babies.

10.  Everyone here is beautiful.  Even people who aren't so pretty are beautiful.  They make an effort here.  I really want to go into one of the many salons here and ask them in my pitiful french to do my hair and make me beautiful.  That might be scary.

11.  We went to Montreux on the way home from the Chateau Chillon.  There's a statue of Freddy Mercury there (in an Elvis type of pose).  We went into a casino and played a few francs worth of video poker.  I didn't have the guts to play at the table.  Montreux is gorgeous and smells good.

12.  The Roman ruins in Nyon are impressive.  They were found accidentally when tearing down a building.  Then they built a museum around it.  Amazing.

13.  Ducks here look different.  Some have blue in them.  Some are black with white beaks or white with black beaks.  They're all beautiful.

14.  I like wine.  Who knew?

15.  I, the lactose intolerant queen, can eat cheese here.  This makes me wonder about US products.  I've eaten cheese with most meals and had no reaction.  Still not trying coffee with creamer but still, that's impressive.  Oh, I found a bleu-ish (not exactly blue),  cheese I like.  It's like living in some weird alternate universe.  I like it here.

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