Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Setting Goals

I am a great goal setter. I am not a great goal achiever. I may or may not have a few issues related to being easily distracted. I'm not confirming anything. But it's possible.

I think I'm going to set a big goal. And if I announce it, I'll have to do it, right? I'm *thinking* about walking a very far distance to raise money for breast cancer. Most of the people in my world know breast cancer has a very real presence in my world right now. I've got a mother in law fighting for her life, two childhood friends are also fighting and other types of cancer making its presence known in my life. I feel helpless.

And I feel like a big couch potato. And a not-so-awesome role model for my kids.

So if I did it, it would be good for me, good for the fight against cancer - win/win.

The thought of adding something so big (the training schedule) to my life seems insane. But the thought of DOING SOMETHING seems awesome.

Thoughts? Advice? A slap upside the head?

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