Friday, November 27, 2015

Thank you, Facebook.....and Friends

Facebook has been a game changer for me in a multitude of ways.  There's the obvious - reuniting me with friends, locating family I didn't know, all that stuff.  The surprise was all the cooking stuff I've learned.  I had no idea all the stuff I didn't know!  Because of all the posts, I had a great thanksgiving.  This is what I learned:

1.  Brine a turkey.  I had no idea what the hell that meant.  I also had no idea just how many people do that.  And that it's pretty hard to fuck it up.  Game changer!  It should be noted that I've never cooked a turkey before so I'm new to this game.

2. Crockpot stuffing.  Again, who knew?  Thanks to yummly and allrecipes and the people who post reviews with suggestions, I made some kick ass stuffing.

3.  Sausage stuffing.  This was a foreign concept to me.  I like Stove Top stuffing.  I'm a simple girl.  But holy moly, this is good shit!

Now, I learned a few things from our dinner companions.  It was such an educational day!

1.  Sweet potatoes don't suck.  In fact, they're good.  No marshmallows on these, thankfully, but oh so yummy.

2.  People like green beans.  Whew!  And garlic - double whew!

3.  Gravy isn't so hard to make.  It didn't quite look as I expected but it tasted good.

The most important lessons of the day?

1.  Laughing fixes almost everything.

2.  I love having a diverse group of friends.

3.  Wine helps.

Lastly, I'm not a left-overs kind of girl, usually.  Remember that sausage stuffing I mentioned?  It's good cold, too - directly from the container with a spoon.  Or fingers.  Yum.

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