Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Garden Has a Sense of Humor

Every day, at least once a day, I go out and look at the garden.  I talk to the plants.  Grow!  Why are you taking so long?  Grow!  They don't listen to me.  They do what they want, which is to be expected.

I have something like a dozen tomato plants.  I don't particularly like tomatoes so there's some irony that that's the thing that grows best.  And the one by the compost heap is doing better than any of the others.  It's weird.  But really, I'm not complaining.  We'll make salsa and Andrew thinks making ketchup might be fun.  I'm not sure about that.

My cucumbers are taking over my garden - just the leaves.  There's an itty bitty thing (that makes me laugh) to prove it's a cucumber.

My peppers are happy.  I have green peppers, super cayenne (already shared a few), poblano and probably something else.  I have no idea when they're ready for picking.  

Andrew makes me feel a tinge of guilt every time I snip the flowers off my basil to encourage it to grow.  Now I apologize for the flower version of blue balls I induce.

And the pumpkins rescued from the compost are still small but definitely growing.  The other (possibly bean) mystery plants didn't fare so well.

 I'm looking for ideas.  I don't love pesto so what else can I do with all that basil?  What can I do with the peppers?  I'm open to all ideas....

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