Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life Is Full Of Choices

Today at lunch, I was talking with a co-worker.  We were talking about our kids and their attitudes.  She was relaying a story about one of her children who was complaining that her life was tough.  My friend reminded her that her life wasn't tough but rather it was busy - a choice she made.

I've been thinking a lot about that statement:  "You choose to be {busy/bored/whatever it is you're feeling}.  It's true.  Life is a bunch of choices.

I was feeling sorry (sort of) for myself recently.  I still feel like my life is in limbo - that it's spent getting my kids to and from camp and activities while trying to make sure my mom is okay and has all she needs and fitting in enough work hours to feed everyone.  My brother, ex and boyfriend have all talked to me about taking time for myself - making sure I'm okay, too.  There are not enough hours in the day.

Then I realized, in the middle of my conversation at lunch, that this is indeed a choice.  I am making the choice to make my mom's life happy while she's here - it won't last forever.  I am making the choice to make sure my kids are involved in activities so they have opportunities I didn't have.  I am making all sorts of choices that don't always feel good but have a positive outcome.  But they are my choices.

So now I shall choose to go to bed.  Or play more tetris.

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