Friday, February 14, 2014

What's In a Name?

This is one of those things that goes around facebook.  I like it and it got me to thinking about name, which I didn't really like growing up.  I never met another child named Judi/Judy.  There were adults - but they were old.  In the townhouse complex I lived in for most of my life in Lansdale, there were six houses in our row.  In houses 2, 4 and 6, there were Judys.  I was one.

I started out Judy.  I changed it in 5th grade.  JudY didn't make sense.  Where did that Y come from? My full name is Judith - there's no Y in there.  So I got rid of it.  Then I became known as "Judi-with-an-I".  When I spell my name out people still say that.  It's weird.

Let's discuss what these folks say about my name.  "Praise to the Lord".  I first read that as "Praise to the Lord Judi" which I really liked.  Take that name out and the meaning changes a bit.  I'd be even more impressed if it said "Praise to the Queen Judi".  

"Emotional Spectrum - Her happiest times are with her loved ones."  Eh, maybe.  I guess that's true if you include my family of choice in that category of loved ones.

"Personal Integrity - She will fight for her good name."  Damn skippy.  

"Personality -  A closed mouth catches no flies."  No truer words have ever been said.  Yep.

"Relationships - Not many people are as giving as Judi."  I had to think about this one for a while but I'm going to agree with it.  I'm willing to give (in and up) a lot for certain people and it makes me batshit crazy when that is not reciprocated.

"Travel and Leisure - Judi knows how to relax."  Dead wrong.  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to live to see age 90 because I can't relax.  Also makes me nuts.

"Career and Money - While there may be obstacles, Judi will overcome."  Oh hell yes.  Proven time and again.  I believe Chumbawumba said it best - I get knocked down but I get up again.  Ain't nothing gonna keep me down.

"Life's Opportunities - A go-getter, Judi knows what she wants."  I wish.  I'm a go-getter but I'm never sure what I'm getting.

You don't get any say in your name - it's just given to you.  My mom told me that had I been blonde, I would have been an Amy.  I'm better with Judi.

I once knew someone named Zenobia.  That name stuck with me - such a strong name!  She lived up to that name.  I wanted my kid to be named Zenobia - she would be strong and have great long hair.  That was vetoed.  Instead we pick two beautiful names - also strong names that have personality.  My girls have made mumblings about changing their names over the years.  Then they realized they are the only ones with their names (spelled the ways we do) - they're unique.  

There's a lot to a name.  Different is good.

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